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Saint-Petersburg: Arrival & Departure

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There are 2 airports in Saint-Petersburg: Pulkovo-I for domestic flights and Pulkovo-II for international flights. Both of them are located not far from the city: Pulkovo-II is about 17 km (10ml) to the south of St-Petersburg and Pulkovo-I is a little bit further (5km) along the same road.


Air communication with foreign countries. Airline offices are in the main building on the second floor. In the arrival/departure areas you'll find the following services: duty-free shops, cafeterias and currency exchange offices.

It's better to arrange the transfer from the airports to your hotel or into the town in advance to avoid the difficulties with your luggage and unexpected spending. The cars are available at the Baggage Claim for a fee paid to the person in charge.

From the airport you can reach the city by taxi: 5-10 minutes trip to the Moskovskaya metro station (red line of metro plan/scheme) or 20-30 minutes to the city center. Early in the morning and late at night when the public transport doesn't run the prices are extremely high (but you can reduce it if you are good in bargaining).

The Route Taxi - (Marshrutnoe taxi) (minibus with 10 seats) plies between the airport and the nearest Moskovskaya metro station from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. (10-15 minute trip) from where you can proceed into the city center on the metro (20-25 minute run). Fixed fare is paid to the taxi driver.

The Public Bus # 13 (tickets can be bought in the bus).


Air communication with the former Soviet Republics and within Russia. The entrance to the waiting room for departures to Moscow is separate, it is located in the right wing of the airport. On the 3rd floor there is a parent-and-infant room, cafeterias, pharmacy, hair salon, administration office.

You can get to the city center by taxi in 20-30 minutes unless there is traffic congestion.

Express bus # 39E (intervals of about 1 hour, the ticket fee is stated at the entrance, price is fixed regardless of the distance). Intermediate metro stations on the route are the Moskovskaya and Tekhnologicheskiy Institut.

The Route Taxi (minibus with 10 seats) up to Moskovskaya metro station runs from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m., 10-15 minute trip.

Public Bus # 39 (the tickets can be bought in the bus), the way to the nearest metro station takes 20 minutes.

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