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Saint-Petersburg: Arrival & Departure

By Car. See also arrival and departure
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  • International Driving Permit and home Driver's license;
  • Passport and valid visa (with recorded car registration number);
  • Vehicle registration documents (please make sure you have the original papers with the car, concerned rented vehicles);
  • Customs declaration, obliging you to take your vehicle back, out of Russia (receiving at the border);
  • Insurance cover.

The vehicle should be fully insured under a policy valid in Russia. Insurance carriers offices are located at all crossing points. A road tax is also payable upon entry to the country.

Travelers really should ask for a Russian stamp on their entry customs declaration form to avoid the serious troubles on departure!

The minimum age of a driver is 18 years. As elsewhere in Europe, drive on the right, overtake (pass) on the left, and yield right-of-way to all vehicles coming from the right unless otherwise indicated. Right turn on red is forbidden. The use of seat belts is compulsory for front-seat passengers. Drinking and Driving is prohibited!


  • 20kph (12 mph) in the residential zones;
  • 60kph (37mph) in the built-up areas;
  • 90kph (60mph) outside built-up areas;
  • 110kph (68mph) on highways.


  • Warning Triangle;
  • First Aid Kit;
  • Fire Extinguisher.

The best of all would be to avoid the driving at night and giving a lift to strangers even to women. It is sensible to make the overnight stops in the motels and at camping or close to Traffic-police posts which are well illuminated and are of round-the-clock operation. Traffic-police posts are marked by big Cyrillic letters: ДПС or ГИБДД or ГАИ.

At most petrol stations in Russia you should pay first for the desired quantity of petrol (about US$1 a liter) and only after that fill up your tank.

Car travelers have to register their visa at OVIR offices or at the hotels (see Visa Requirements).

Approximate driving time to St Petersburg from:

  • Helsinki - 5.5 hours;
  • Berlin - 22 hours;
  • Moscow - 10.5 hours.
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